Courses Taught

CCIV 120 In a Manner of Speaking: An Introduction to Classical Rhetoric

CCIV 170 Rome and the Caesars

CCIV 271  Roman Self-Fashioning:  Poets and Philosophers, Lovers and Friends

CCIV 275 Romans and Christians: The World of Late Antiquity

GRK 258 The Greek Novel

LAT 101 First-Year Latin (First Semester)

LAT 102 First-Year Latin (Second Semester)

LAT 201  Reading Latin Prose: Roman Letter-Writers

LAT 202 Ovid, Metamorphoses

LAT 241 Horace, Odes and Epodes

LAT 251 The Age of Nero

LAT 261 Medieval Latin

LAT 262 Reading Latin, Writing Latin

LAT 270 Catullus